SOL Associated Press/PA Football News All-State Players

2012 PFN Tommy Hose, Defense - Linebacker, 3rd Team, PFN Shawn Pepper, Offense - Running Back, Honorable Mention

2011 PFN J.J. Denman, Offensive Lineman, 1st Team

2010 PFN J.J. Denman, Offensive Lineman, 4th Team
2009 PFN Eric Williams, Athlete Offense, 1st TeamPFN Josh Mitchell, Defensive Lineman, Honorable MentionPFN Dante Devine, Running Back, Honorable Mention
2008 (Last year AP published a list)PFN Steve Marck, Defensive End, 1st Team; AP 2nd Team
2006 AP/ PFN C.J. Marck, Linebacker, 1st Team; PFN - PA Defensive Player of the YearPFN Jackson Fagan, Running Back, 2nd TeamAP/PFN Greg Bickel, Defensive Lineman, 2nd Team1993 AP Matt Rader, Linebacker, 1st Team
1991 AP Geoff Gardner, Linebacker, 3rd Team
1986 AP Craig Behnke, Linebacker, 3rd Team
1985 AP Bob Burns, Interior Lineman, 2nd Team OffenseAP Galen Snyder, Linebacker, 2nd Team
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LBCL (through 1981) Associated Press/United Press International (through 1984) All-State Players**
1959 Al Matuza, Jr., End, Honorable Mention (added 5-22-12)
1962 Mike Yatsko, Guard, Honorable Mention (added 5-22-12)
1963 Bob Peresta, Guard, Honorable Mention (added 5-22-12)
1964 AP/UPI Joe Fioravanti, Guard, 2nd Team, UPI 3rd TeamUPI Dennis Woomer, Tackle, 2nd TeamAP Bob Burkhart, Running Back, Honorable Mention; Maxwell Club Award
1965 AP Dave Purcell, Tackle, 3rd Team
1966 UPI Dave Hoyer, Tackle, 3rd Team Bill Noah, Halfback, Honorable Mention (added 5-22-12)
1967 UPI Len Shober, Tackle, 3rd Team
1968 AP Frank Dykes, Tackle, 2nd Team

1970 AP/UPI Jim Fitz-Maurice, Running Back, 2nd Team
1972 AP Ron Dundala, Linebacker, 2nd TeamUPI Dale Delise, Running Back, 2nd Team
1973 AP Dave Oppenheimer, Offensive Guard, 2nd TeamUPI Warren Knopp, Defensive Lineman, 2nd Team

AP/UPI Frank Prior, Center, 1st Team
AP Randy Wagner, Defensive Lineman, 1st Team

AP/UPI Marty Sierocinsky, Tackle, 2nd Team
AP/UPI Bud Reichert, Defensive End, 3rd Team, UPI 2nd

1976AP Don Carden, Defensive Lineman, 1st Team

AP Bill Meade, Defensive Back, 2nd Team

1980AP George Darroch, Defensive Lineman, , 2nd Team

UPI Mike Augustin, Placekicker, 1st Team
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After 1984, UPI no longer published a list.

In 1998, the Pennsylvania Football News began publishing selections.

After 2008, AP no longer published a list.

In 2009, the Pennsylvania Sportswriters began to select players.

Other Source: PA Football News Resource Guide 2011