All-Time Career Rushing Record

Question: Which Falcon player holds the All-Time Career Rushing Record of over 3000 yards?

Answer:   Quarterback and three-year starter, Brandon Pepper, accumulated in seasons 2008. 2009, 2010.

Rushing and Touchdown Record

Question: Which Falcon running back rushed for 2,241 yards and 27 Touchdowns and the Team record for a single season?

 Answer:   Jackson Fagan, 2006 Season of the District 1 Championship (8-14-12)

Longest Winning Streak

Question:    What is the longest winning streak in Falcon history?

 Answer: The Falcons won 24 games straight between the 2nd game of 1973, every game in 1974, up to the 4th game of 1975. (6-18-12)

PIAA Championships

Question:    What PIAA Championships has Pennsbury won?

 Answer:       In 2006, the Falcons won the PIAA District 1 Championship, making it to the semi-finals for the State Title. In 1974, there were no PIAA District or State Championship tournaments, but several State Polls declared the undefeated Pennsbury Falcons as the Number One Team in the State for 1974.

Oldest Continuous Opponent

Question:   Which High School  has played Fallsington/Pennsbury every year since 1930 when the Falcons first fielded a football team? (Fallsington did not have a team during 1939, 1940, 1942, or 1943)

 Answer:     As of 2011, Bensalem High School and the Falcons have met 78 times since 1931*.

                               The record is 52-22-4 in favor of Pennsbury

*The records from 1930 are incomplete. Langhorne/Neshaminy and Fallsington/Pennsbury did not play each other in 1945. Since 1931, they have played 77 times in the regular season. The record is 38-32-7 in Pennsbury's favor.

Highest Points Scored in One Game

Question #1:  Which Fallsington Team scored the most points in one game?

Answer:           The 1931 Team defeated Bensalem 53-0.

Question #2:   Which Pennsbury Team scored the most points in one game?

Answer:          The 1963 Team defeated Morrisville 65-0.

Most Average Points Scored by Offense per Game for the Season

Question #1:  Which Fallsington Era  Teams averaged the most points scored per game?

Answer:     1931 - 28.1 (Fallsington Record);  1945 - 19.5;  1932 - 19.4

 Question #2:  Which Pennsbury Era Teams averaged the most points scored per game?

 Answer:           1972 - 35.3 (Pennsbury Record);  1974 - 34.4;  1964 - 32.8

Least Average Points Allowed by Defense per Game for the Season

Question #1:  Which Teams from the Fallsington Era (1930-1948) allowed the fewest average points per game?

Answer:          1931 - 1.5 Tied with 1945 - 1.5 (Fallsington Record);  1932 - 3.5

Question #2:  Which Teams from the Pennsbury Era (1949-present) allowed the fewest average points per game?

 Answer:          1973 - 3.6 (Pennsbury Record);  1957 - 4.1;  1985 - 4.7

First Game History

Question:  What year did the small Pennsbury High School play its first Falcon football game?

Answer:     Pennsbury (Fallsington) played its first two games that year in 1930. The opponents were Council Rock (Newtown) who defeated Pennsbury 13-6 and Neshaminy (Langhorne) who won 20-0.

Other sources are being checked that report there were 5 games that Fallsington won.  


Question:   Which Team holds the record for Most Shutouts?

 Answer:     The Falcons of 1973 with 7 Shut Out Victories!

Undefeated Teams

Question:   How many teams have enjoyed undefeated seasons in Falcon History?
Answer:  1972  (11-0);  1974  (11-0); 1985 (10-0)

Blocked Kicks

Record:        Blocked 3 x-pts, 1 FG, 1 punt

Question:     Who holds the all-time PHS record for blocked kicks in one season?

 Answer:        Michael J. Ramsey, LB - Junior year  (1974)